Mês: novembro 2019

  • Laziness, Our Respectable Sin

    What if you have a child who is well-mannered, makes straight A’s at school, and is successfully involved in all sorts of extracurricular activities, but one day, that child…

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  • ‘The Gospel According to Satan’ Releases Today

    We’re pleased to announce today’s release of The Gospel According to Satan: Eight Lies About God that Sound Like the Truth by Midwestern Seminary’s author in residence…

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  • You Don’t ‘Let’ God Do Anything

    An early proponent of Keswick theology once wrote, “Christians need not sin, and if they allow the Holy Spirit to ‘operate invariably’ they will not sin.” There are numerous…

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    I know the usual reasoning in favor of dogs: cats are vicious, little tyrants while dogs are loyal friends. I’ve even heard people say that dogs love unconditionally. I agree with this reasoning

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    Four years ago, a young boy nearly drowned at a waterpark in St. Holmen, Wisconsin. What made this incident particularly tragic was that there were several lifeguards